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05 September 2009 @ 05:59 pm
Hello, all! I live in central Texas, and I've been at my current residence for the past 5 years. In those five years, the company managing my complex has changed at least three times. (I stopped paying attention to the "Under New Management! :D" notices.)

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I have more stories...but this post is already long, so I'll do one more, uber-short one.

Dear Maintenance,
The proper response to my phone call of "There's water running from my ceiling!" is "We'll be right over." The phrase "Can you come to the office and fill out a maintenance form?" should not be thought, much less spoken, until you've actually gotten your lazy asses over here and fixed the damned leak.
Thank you,
So we're under new management and getting some much needed work done on the apartments.

The apartment manager and the two new maintenance men came to inspect the place to determine what needed to be done.  They walked through the apartment and were shocked when they felt the soft spot in the hall.  It was a springy bit of floor beneath the carpet that I hadn't given a second thought to--I've been living here for about a year.

Turns out the "soft spot" was a HOLE IN THE FLOOR.  The old manager was either oblivious or didn't care, and it had simply been carpeted over.  If the carpet had ripped, I would have fallen about 8 or 9 feet to the dirt floor of the basement below.  (It's a house, divided up into reasonably sized apartments.)

They make emergency plans to repair it soon, and warn me not to put any pressure on that area at all until the work is complete.

GREAT!  I'm thrilled that my home will be more habitable.

The day to fix it finally comes, although it was completely unscheduled and I had no idea the two maintenance men were going to be in my home.  At this point I must add, despite the lease restriction, I have adopted two cats.  The apathy towards pets in these apartments has become quite apparent to me, as I have discovered that every tenant in this demi-complex has either a cat or dog.  This information becomes relevant later...

They came in and began their work while my boyfriend and I were still asleep.  We woke up to some banging in the hall next to my bedroom and the sound of carpet ripping.  I go to investigate, and find them cheerfully going about their business.  The two were VERY surprised to see me, saying that they had knocked for a while and then yelled if anyone was present after entering.  We are both heavy sleepers, so I can believe that we snoozed right through their intrusion.  It irked me slightly that I received no notice, but it's not something that I wanted to make a huge fuss over.

I had a doctor's appointment that day along with some other errands to run.  Getting dressed and ready to go with two men, a large gap in the floor, and much dirt and debris between me and the bathroom proved difficult, but not impossible.  While moving amongst the clutter I've noticed that they've stacked the two litter boxes on top of each other and placed them in the bathroom (making it impossible for my cats to use them) and thrown the rugs I'd had underneath them into my bathtub.  The bathtub and the bathroom floor are covered in litter.  Also, the torn carpeting and tacking are piled up in the kitchen, on top of their food and water bowls.  I move all these items into the living room so my poor cats (who are already stressed out at this point) can actually use them.

My boyfriend and I leave, take care of our business, and return some few hours later to find the two men on their way out.  The floor has been patched up and an additional layer of thick plywood has been placed over the entire area to add stability and make it level.  They promise to return the following day to lay linoleum over the hallway and finish the job.  I foolishly believe all is well.

Upon further inspection of my apartment, I found several issues.

Debris, including small, sharp tacks from the carpet, are still all over the kitchen floor.
There are multiple dark stains on the white walls of the hallway.
My white bathroom sink is covered in dark water spots where they apparently washed their hands.  My BATH TOWEL (which was hanging next to the tub...obviously used for drying a CLEAN BODY after bathing) is damp and covered in dark stains.
The bath mat has muddy bootprints on it.
The living room carpet has a few muddy bootprints on it.

Last but not least, I cannot find my cats.

Panicked, we both scour the apartment for any trace of them.  We finally heard the bells on their collars jingling from UNDER THE FLOOR.  The plywood in the hallway is screwed down tight.  I run outside and rip open the basement access door and discover my cats in the dirty basement, meowing and completely freaking out.  They are covered in dirt and cobwebs.

I will never leave my apartment unattended while they are here ever again.

18 May 2009 @ 04:20 pm
I have very few complaints regarding my current living situation; however, I am just about ready to set the neighbors' dogs on fire.  There is a very clear beginning and end to our apartments, but apparently that doesn't apply to the grass.  I have stepped in dog shit in my grass so many times it's not funny.

Not to mention that we are not allowed to have pets...AT ALL.

I'm only going to ask them nicely one more time before I threaten to report them.
15 March 2009 @ 11:33 pm
I had been living in the same place since Aug of '05. We lived in a 2/1 until March of '08 and then "upgraded" to a 3/1.5 - Everything was great before, until after the move. One building over, and it was like moving into the Ghetto. It went under different management, and they stopped doing routine pest sprays - so we got really bad ticks on our 2 dogs, and our apartment was infested. Not to mention, the AC was broken the entire time we lived there. I complained every month when I paid rent (on time).

When I went in on Feb 1st to tell them, I'll be leaving at the end of the month, she told me I'd have to sign a contract that I'd be liable for 1.5 months rent, even AFTER my lease expired. Apparently it's standard now, for every place. I then mentioned all of the problems. She looked through the entire book of Work Orders and said she'd seen NOT ONE note for a work order on my apartment!

For 12 months of complaining, NOT ONE? Well, I know they had come in to change the shower head to the one I spent 40$ on, which they wouldnt let me keep! And they fixed my toilet which wouldnt flush for a week. So after I spent 1hr in the office trying to get her to waive the "standard" fees, she told me to come back in March 1st. She also said that she would have someone come out within the week to fix my AC for the last month of being there.

So I go back March 1st, and I say "hey, no one came for my AC" she said "Was someone suppose to?" and I said "Yes, you said he'd come within the week the last time I stopped in" and she goes "Oh, Let me check the book" so she flips through the book and says "I don't see a work order in here for it, and I don't remember telling you someone would". Of course not. I informed her I was leaving on the 4th and walked out.
02 June 2008 @ 12:14 am
Seriously...I moved in two weeks ago and they promised to bring a fridge into my apartment that actually worked as the current one is WARM inside...I really wish they would hurry up with that.

I'm really hungry.

02 April 2008 @ 08:32 am
my downstairs neighbor is such a loser. seriously. if ur always home and shit....and u think "noises" like walking around and eating and cooking...cleaning...normal stuff is bothering u, maybe u need to like get a life or something.

During finals week this jackass kept blasting music, not only bothering me, but bothering everyone else around him who were studying for finals. also during the time of finals i was in mourning because my brother had been killed at 24. so i had to study and cry at the same time. he kept bothering everyone with really bad loud music.

I went away for spring break for like a whole week. Not making any noise because i wasnt around u know. I mean at least i go away sometimes. But i get back and its the same crap again. Its like he knew i was back and purposely turned on the music to bother me. So i turned up my tv set and put it on a rap channel and started blasting it all day till 10pm because thats the time ur supposed to be quiet and i can get away with it before 10pm.

this morning (mind you it was 8am) he turned on his music louder than usual just because i have to wake up early to get ready for work and for school. I get up early every morning, shower, change clothes and do what i have to do before i jet off to work. i dont think he does anything. I mean he is like always at home and stuff. and i've lived in these apartments before he moved in. Also i dont think his name is on the lease....unless he is subleasing, but here dnt think they let u do that. there was a girl living there a little while ago and she kept bringing in friends and leaving them in the apartment. like letting them live there. this is the 2nd person to live there. think thats illegal.

i dont care, i wouldnt say anything. but these things that are done on purpose to annoy people. thats just really stupid. this guy is an asshole. i'd love to kick him in the balls really hard. fucking fat idiot.
13 March 2008 @ 08:23 pm
so basically i live above a fat idiot who loves really bad 80s music.

he plays the music randomly and its really loud. its like finals week now at college and he thinks that its ok to be so loud. On the lease it says that ur supposed to be quiet after 10pm. Like mainly college students live here thats why and mainly grad students. They are the ones who dont party as much. ugggh. i cant wait to move. This fat guy is super ugly too. and he seems to be always home. he doesnt go anywhere for the holidays. at least i go away for a week sometimes. he doesnt go anywhere.

my only resort is to drown out noise w/ more noise. an eye for an eye. but i have a tv and he doesnt. so i win. if he wouldnt be so loud then i wouldnt have to punish him with more noise. and talking loud on purpose.
My boyfriend and I are moving from where we live now to a new apartment complex (yay having my own full sized washer/dryer) and while we were unpacking, he decided to tell me about something he that happened a couple of months ago that he's been keeping from me so I didn't go ballistic on the Rental Office...

There was a notice sent around to every building except the E building (my building) that the cable people had to come into the apartments, do something or other and leave.  So that day comes and when my boyfriend comes home, he's informed by his parents (live in a different section of E building) that a neighbor told him that the cable people had to break into our home.  Our lock died and the key was broken in it and the maintenance people came and fixed it with a new lock but I guess never took a copy for the office.  When they couldn't get in, they went into the roof part of the building, removed the cover that leads to our closet, sent a skinny guy through the hole and unlocked the door.

And what is in that closet, you may ask?  An $8000 full length black mink coat, a $3000 thigh length black/dyed mink coat, a few random furs and a very nice backgammon game in a leather case that was my grandfather's (which my boyfriend found knocked off the shelf).

Hey, how did they lock the door if they didn't have a key?  That thought just occurred to me so I called my boyfriend.  It seems that they walked into the balcony and took a ladder down.  So basically, they left the balcony door open for many hours during the day.

I'm thinking of calling up the office and getting my own explanation, an apology and I want them to admit that they were wrong because according to the lease, they are ONLY allowed to come in without prior notice if it is an emergency and this was not an emergency.
06 January 2008 @ 11:35 am
So I found out the other day that they're changing all the codes on the doors on January 7th...There are two side doors with keypad locks and, of course, the front door. I have to wonder why they even bother when:
A) The front door is only keypad-locked about 50% of the time
B) The two side doors are hardly ever locked because they don't shut right
C) The courtyard with the pool can be accessed by simply walking around the building and there are two doors (one to the lobby and one straight into the first floor's stairwell) that DON'T LOCK.


I wish they would do something about this. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that want to walk in where the lobby cameras won't see them can just go around to the pool area.
05 January 2008 @ 11:29 pm
I live in an apartment building that is owned by a largish company. I felt this meant they would be better. Boy was I wrong.